Ian Poulter insists he will play in Ryder Cup again despite signing for LIV Golf

Ian Poulter has insisted his Ryder Cup days are far from over, while dismissing any sense he has turned his back on the biennial joust between Europe and the US by signing for LIV Golf. Poulter, an iconic figure for the European team, is at the forefront of a legal challenge to the DP World […]


Brain changes in autism are far more sweeping than previously known, study finds

Brain changes in autism are comprehensive throughout the cerebral cortex rather than just particular areas thought to affect social behavior and language, according to a new UCLA-led study that significantly refines scientists’ understanding of how autism spectrum disorder (ASD) progresses at the molecular level. The study, published today in Nature, represents a comprehensive effort to […]


Rise in U.S. consumer spending beats expectations; wage inflation slows

U.S. consumer spending rose more than expected in September while underlying inflation pressures continued to bubble, keeping the Federal Reserve on track to hike interest rates by another three-quarters of a percentage point next week. But there was some encouraging news in the fight against stubbornly high inflation, with other data from the Labor Department […]


EA confirms it won’t stop physical distribution of games in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

EA has confirmed it won’t be stopping distribution of physical products across Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Reports have emerged that EA would no longer distribute physical games in German-speaking countries, according to its latest annual report. However, it seems this was misinterpreted as EA confirms this is incorrect. “We have not stopped physical distribution of […]


Delicious Cancer Breakthrough: Pomegranates Found to Significantly Fuel Tumor-Fighting Immune Cells

A new study shows that a substance found in pomegranates significantly boosts the immune system to fight cancer—triggering a constant supply of endless rejuvenated T cells. German scientists studying therapies for colorectal cancer discovered that a metabolite in the red fruit, known as urolithin-A, rejuvenates immune T cells to make them better at fighting tumors. […]